Suri Cruise's Shoes Collection Worth It Rp1, 2 Billion


Since the age of three years of this little girl was wearing heels. Now at the age of five years, Suri Cruise has been collecting a lot of shoes. Collection putrid pair of shoes from Hollywood celebrities, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is worth U.S. $ 150,000 or more than USD 1.2 billion.

How could I not! At his age like that, Suri already has a top class branded shoes such as the collection of Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacons.

The news circulating that Katie's mother has asked her favorite designer to design shoes for the child. But according to sources quoted by Star magazine even said that Suri has a lot of designer shoes.

"She (Suri) is very fond of the design of Marc Jacobs shoes, and has a number of collections. If there are shoes that do not put right, the mother Katie will be redesigned to Suri. In fact he also ordered Loubotin design shoes, "said the source.

It is said, Suri is very determined to get an appropriate fashion taste.

If not granted he will cry loud.

"The more he grows, the less that he would wear, except with the right shoes," said the source.

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